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  • Scholars Proved Violence Doesn't Make Gamers Aggressive

    There is hardly any gamer who hasn't at some point in life been scolded over finding entertainment in virtual violence. Yes, the majority of video games involve fighting and killing. But can you imagine all those quests, instances, arenas and so on and so on without the fighting? Such a scenario would certainly eliminate any chance for thrill and adventure. Well, here is some good news - science has finally made a contribution in favour of leaving good old virtual violence alone

    A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology proves that it's not the violent content of games but players' frustration and feeling of failure that cause aggression.
    It is the first time that scholars pay attention to the psychological experience and the feeling not the seeing aspect of gaming.
    British psychologists studied about 600 college-aged subjects who were given the task to play custom-designed video games with both violent and non-violent narrative and imagery. Then they were tested for aggressive behavior, thoughts and feelings.
    For example, one of the experiments featured playing a difficult versus an easy version of Tetris. It turned out that the group that played the challenging version demonstrated more frustration, which was the immediate cause of aggressive behavior.

    In short, the lack of mastery of a game, violent or not, and losing it is causes various degrees of frustration and aggression is just a logical side effect.
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