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  • Lack of Competitiveness Ruined MU Online

    To all of us, whether we're just casual players or hardcore gamers, we can all relate to the comparison between MU online servers and gas stations.
    You stop there, you use it's services, you pay for the extra stuff you want and then you take off, hardly ever returning.
    But what if I tell you, that's not all there is to it. In 99% of cases we pick a server because of 2 reasons:
    1 - Your friends
    2 - The general ranklists/toplists

    That's a very narrow slice though and you only stay in for about a month or a cap of 3 months (not including hardcore, dedicated fans, who are in most cases younger people with plenty of time on their hands). Did you know for example, that there used to be a MU Online world championship? Bet you didn't. It was happening a few years in a row and prize pools and audience increased every time. There were private servers being held and known to a smaller group, which opened MU Online for the first time of not everyone being a player, but having fans of certain players. The best countries in the world represented were not often repetitive, as players from all over the world had to offer their skills. They developed such understanding that even most developers of the game didn't, while making it. They knew tricks and stuff that people don't even consider as factors, they experiment their stat-building in their minds to predict the outcome of a battle, like seeing a beautiful mind at work visualized to you - it's thrilling.

    The best player in the world is claimed to be nicknamed "ChewChew" and is from China. Unfortunately, we don't know his real name, but we do know the second best player's credentials - It's Sander Henning, nicknamed suoicileD (which is Delicious written backwards). Other familiar and well known nicknames are Jolteon, Skaarj, bigfire, aRCaNiTe, moONShiNe and many others. They are their own breed of people and have participates in many privately or not-so open (for example you had to qualify in order to play) tournaments and small cups. The last time there was a major tournament announced, it was held on Chinese soil and many of the aforementioned players took participation, but in the end the organizer didn't pay out the winners and the announced prized pool was huge, for that game at least. Top-finishers were disgusted and quit the game. Saddened, they said that the game lost it's touch as these best players that we looked up into said it's over, the game is done and they have no interest of playing at all anymore. We lost our legends and their fans had nobody to cheer, eventually abandoning the game themselves.

    So it all ended and you can't blame them as the game gets old and the implemented changes throughout new versions is not that significant to make people interested. Is there competitiveness in MU Online today? Perhaps, on a few fairly remote, private, hidden servers the action continues as we speak...but it's definitely a thing of the past that unfortunately, won't last much long. We need role models in this area if us, gamers want that game to not simply die out, but with the lack of motivation of the best players in the world and decreased interest, it's highly unlikely.
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