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  • Signing Up For Guild Wars 2 Tournament of Legends Has Started!

    As of 4 April sign-ups for the first Guild Wars 2 Tournament of Legends are open and teams from across the world are already able to join the show.

    The Tournament will take place on April 26-27 for Europe and May 3-4 for North America, Guild Wars developers ArenaNet announced. The Guild Wars 2 Tournament of Legends will be best-of-3 single elimination tournament and the finals will be best-of-5. Each competing team will have 5 members as only one substitute is allowed. Everyone can sign up but only 16 teams from each region will make it to the Tournament. The winning team will be awarded legendary weapons, the others will have the chance to get components of legendary weapons and, of course, Black Lion Weapon Tickets for all prize-winning competitors. There will also be surprise bonuses for viewers.

    For more details go to the official Guild Wars 2 website.
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