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  • The Elder Scrolls Online Finally Available for PC and Mac

    Development starting 5 years prior to its announcement in May 2012, Elder scrolls Online came out from being a pure speculative rumor to the biggest action RPG franchises mixing up with one of the most popular genres in gaming(MMO). Though seeing it at E3 2012, it seems it's less of a Skyrim game to be honest. Appearing more close to World of Warcraft, the game enforces all the usual elements of an MMO previously played dozens of times. Not insinuating that the game is like every other MMORPG game out there, but it doesn't show any entirely new ideas.

    However it should be noted that this is the first time that the Elder Scrolls franchise has seen an MMO release since they've been single player RPGs ever since the franchise first started out and they seem to have done quite a good job of it especially since its indirectly related to previous Elder Scrolls games and having the same geographical regions and such.

    The game was released to the public on 4th April 2014 and consists of three factions which are:

    • The Aldemeri Dominion (Eagle)
    • The Daggerfall Covenant (Lion)
    • The Ebonheart Pact (Dragon)

    Along with its three factions, Elder Scrolls online consists of 4 main classes which are:

    • Templar
    • Sorcerer
    • Nightblade
    • Dragon Knight

    As expected from an Elder Scrolls game, Elder Scrolls online will be set in Tamriel and while you won't be able to initially explore the entire world, it'll eventually be made available in the form of expansions. Elder Scrolls online takes place around a thousand years before the events of Skyrim with the Daedric prince Molag Bal coming in with some very wrong intentions.

    Since it's an Elder Scrolls game it's not surprising that you'll be greeted with some very in-depth character creation options when you first start the game out so you can make sure that your character stands out above all else.
    As for the gameplay you can expect some of the standard monster slaying for experience, leveling and loot since it is ultimately an MMORPG along with that you can expect the traditional MMO traits such as a crafting system, alchemy and all things of the sort. This isn't to imply that the Elder Scrolls Online doesn't add eye opening to the MMO genre. It simply states that it builds up on the traditional MMORPG formula and spices it up with a few things of its own.
    The game's already been released to the public on the platforms of PC and MAC. The Xbox One and PS4 releases will soon be following up in June 2014 so the console audience isn't that far from experiencing the action either.
    If you're looking to purchase the game and head into the world of Tamriel or if you simply need more information you can visit the official site.
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