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  • AZERA - New MMORPG By Timber Games

    Korean company Timber Games has been developing a new MMORPG called AZERA. There is little info about the game: AZERA is a fantasy MMORPG which will use Havok Vision engine. In the game there will be three kingdoms - the survivors of an ancient civilization that a catastrophe almost brought to extinction.
    Of course, these kingdoms will be at war and the main goal all parties are after seems to be a magical crystal of enormous energy and power. The core gameplay will be RvR, players will be able to become ministers, and perhaps even kings, if they have sufficient contribution in the battles.

    You can watch the teaser of the game at official website.
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    Ion Hazzikostas a.k.a The Watcher, confirmed in tweeter that Warlord riding style will be included in patch 6.0.
    So what will be Mythic Raiding what changes will be made to the raid building? Now we have Raid Finder whit some difficulties: Normal and Heroic difficulty depending on the number of players. With patch 6.0, they will be normal difficulty, also there will be and heroic difficulty and Mythic only for twenty man raid. ...
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