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  • Are you addicted to video games? (Quiz)

    Addiction doesn't always have to be bad. But still, being addicted means being dependent on something, which, in itself, is not very nice 90% of children and 70% of adults play PC and video games. The average age of a gamer is 33 years with the tendency to rise every next year.

    So far there is no official "addicted to games" diagnose but the symptoms of addiction to PC, video and online games are present among teenagers and adults alike. And the are more obvious than ever. Contemporary medicine assumes that the presence of certain characteristics is a sign of mental disorder. When it comes to gaming, as with every addiction, the most important thing to do is realize to what extent games affect your life. Do games change your life and how? Have you come to the point when the reason you wake up in the morning is... to play?

    The consequences can be severe - you can lose your job, family, social life, you can even completely lose control of the way you behave in society.If you are curious and want to find out whether you are addicted to gaming, you can try our "addiction test" which is based on a 2-years survey US, English and Chinese scholars conducted among over 3,000 people. Take The Quiz!
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