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  • WoW gamers DO get the girls!

    There's a widespread false belief that gamers have difficulty getting girls.
    A good gamer doesn't have much time for personal needs like keeping good hygiene and appearance. As for new outfits - they come last. A good gamer is dedicated to the game and has no time to waste on dates. Probably this image of the gamer is so popular because most people can't imagine that games can actually be romantic and even attractive to female audiences.The game can even make it easier for a man to express his feelings for a woman. There are many in-game creative ways to attract her attention. Starting from casual chat to virtual gifts and dates, accepting challenges together, going on quests, saving each other's lives, etc, a gaming experience can only make things additionally thrilling.

    Blizzard have been aware of this WoW "love" effect for quite a while now and they have put a lot of effort into encouraging in-game flirtation. For instance, they organize various thematic events and launch special items (including engagement and wedding rings) for WoW lovers to exchange.

    A recent study of the America's Online University has come up with particular evidence against the "gamers can't find a date" myth. The study compares the statistics of a popular dating site ( Online Dating) and dating in World of Warcraft.

    1. Which gives you higher chance of finding a date?
    A dating site community consists of about 1 million people opposed to over 12 million in WoW.

    2. What about age?
    The average age of dating site subscribers is 48 years. WoW gamers' average age is 32.

    3. How much time do women spend gaming vs online dating?
    Women spend an average of 1.4 hours in dating sites a month. Women in WoW play for 34.6 hours a month.

    74.7% of WoW players go on dates with the opposite sex. Dating sites can only boast 33%.
    42 out of 100 women WoW players fall for a fellow gamer.
    An interesting fact is that 24.3% of WoW players travel 30 miles to meet their future mate and 75.7% travel 100 miles to do so.
    40% of them share with their WoW friends things they wouldn't confine to real life friends.

    So, what actually happens in WoW?
    You don't have any doubts about your object of romantic interest's attraction.

    Gamers aren't afraid to show their feelings even if they haven't seen each other in real life.

    37.5% of male players take up with female players in critical situations and become attracted to them.

    Battling demons and monsters side by side with a girl makes male players experience larger amount of positive emotions than spending some time with the same girl but over a cup of coffee.

    When you play WoW: A large amount of the "feel-good" hormone dopamine is released in the centre of pleasure in your brain.

    In short, however surprising it may be, the study results show that it's much easier to find a date while playing your favourite game than spending long hours in a dating site.

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