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  • New player on the WOW private server market?

    A new star seems to have risen on the WOW private servers horizon.
    The top positions of largest WOW private server charts have recently shuffled. The new 'star' is topic of discussion in many forums, its ads are spreading aggressively as a new brand is being established. Are titans like Molten, Heroes and Monster in danger and what does this newly emerged server has to offer?
    Panda WOW Server

    They define themselves as the first free Russian World of Warcraft: Mists ot Pandaria (5.0.5 and 5.4.2) server.
    When I first opened their site, it struck me as a very beautiful and highly functional website which is available in both Russian and English. The simplified menu is really user-friendly, the site provides a How To Start Guilde, news section, recent updates, info and links to community support forums.
    What the server actually offers:

    They support client version 5.0.5 and 5.4.2.
    3 realms:
    х100 Realm with about 4.5K Players,
    x5 XP Realm with about 5K Players
    and Fun Realm with about 2K Players.

    Work well PVP and PVE content from patches 5.0.5 and 5.4.2.

    Good technical and game support, quick response and attention that players receive makes the server a good place to play WOW.
    Our observations show that the Panda Wow team does not only copy and apply ready developments of leading emulators, but they also work hard to build up their own working content. They fix spells and talents, develop scripts for new bosses and instances, populate new areas.
    It is true that when it comes to a private MoP server we cannot expect miracles, nevertheless, if their team keeps up the good work, Panda Wow has the potential of becoming one of the leading servers on this patch.
    We will watch their progress closely and keep you informed about it.

    For more suggestions check out our WoW Private Server List.
    Also you can leave comments about Panda WOW Server in our World Of Warcraft Forum.
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